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Nicola Salter

A widely acclaimed Clinical Aromatherapist, Empowerment Mentor, Author and Educator

Known as a leader in her field for emotional release, Nicola supports people to effectively access and break-free from sabotaging emotional pain using the science of smell and mindfulness methods. She has supported thousands of people worldwide to achieve their greatest potential and redefine themselves as they step into a life of fulfilment and self-mastery, using some of the tools she shows you in these programs.

Nicola is originally from London, England where she studied and trained professionally in Clinical Aromatherapy and Energy Medicine/Biofield Communication, whilst working for well-known international business to business corporations, building and launching successful brands, organizing large corporate events and working with the media. She now lives and works in Los Angeles where she is passionate about helping individuals achieve their greatest potential and breaking free of limiting self- beliefs. Her private practice includes business professionals, the general public and veterans from all over the world who work with her to redefine themselves, gain powerful insights and new perspectives to help them thrive.

Her book, Hot Water for Tea, is an extensive guide for using plant medicine, teas and essential oils as a preventative measure for improved health, beauty and emotional wellness. This book is packed with her own proven remedies for a variety of health options, emotional benefits and inner reflection methods for peace and self-assuredness.

“Mentoring is all about showing people how to dive deeply with new perspectives and powerful insights to enable them to discover their own solutions more effectively, showing them how they are defined by purpose, connecting to that purpose, calming their limiting emotions and helping them create a new signature of living that fulfills and excites them.”

Are you ready to free yourself from emotional pain and self-sabotage?

Learn how to Decode and Calm Your Emotions with Your self-care tool kit for overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm.